Real Vision™ Imaging

This legacy RVI system was designed exclusively for the AS/400 and has been available since 1992. It can interface with software applications running in a green-screen, web or PC environment. In addition to RVI Complete and Express, there are two additional options for IBM i clients. The RVI Spool File system specifically monitors / captures only data from your IBM i print output queues. The RVI Basic system is a simplified capture solution for just imaging data (scanned or imported). Either of these entry level options can be upgraded to the robust RVI Complete system by paying just the license differential charge. 
RVI provides an alternative to shuffling, routing, filing, retrieving and copying paperwork which leaves more time for productive business.

Some of the many benefits that result from using RVI include: 
► Instant and secured access to documents 
► Remote retrievals from PC / web / mobile devices 
► Ability to share documents across departments 
► Electronic searching to find documents faster 
► Alleviates physical storage space constraints 
► Reduces costs for paper, supplies, file cabinets 
► Eliminates costs / delays of off-site record storage 
► Automates / optimizes work processes (RVI workflow) 
► Audits / statistics for improved tracking and control 
► Improved security and disaster recovery protection 
► Retention / purging rules for enhanced compliance 
► Efficiency - faster and better informed responses


The RVI Complete is a feature-rich tool kit equipped with everything needed for a document management solution.  It is your complete solution for scanning, storage and retrieval of black and white documents, color images, spool files, overlays, emails, faxes and audio/video content.

Like the Spool File and Basic systems, RVI Complete is easily integrated with any IBM i application, user-friendly and scalable from a pilot program to an enterprise wide content management solution. There are no workstation or user fees, annual support is 15% of the license fee.

Some of the many features include:

►Unlimited users, no workstation or user fees.
►Permits 65 department/applications with 99 indexes each
►Internet access to documents/workbaskets
►Mobile apps for Apple/Android tablets and smartphones for 24/7 access
►Unlimited paper scanning
►Unlimited importing of PC documents
►Advanced Workflow to improve business processes
►Digital approval features
►Security and audits
►Retention and purging
►Sticky Notes, emails and document check-in/out
►Annotations, mark-ups, redactions and versions
►Remote signature capture/stamping
►Forms recognition/barcode recognition and OCR
►Easily integrates with web, PC and IBM i applications 

RVI Express  includes all the same capabilities as RVI Complete for ten concurrent users. It can be upgraded to RVI Complete by paying the license differential charge.
RVI Express Brochure

RVI Spool File monitors and captures data from IBM i print output queues. Choose from six different viewers and enhanced report distribution via email, fax or CD. 
RVI Spool File Brochure

RVI Basic is an entry level document management solution for scanning, storage and retrieval of black & white documents, color images and imported PC documents. The Basic system supports image merging, email/fax capability and audio/video support. Enhanced auditing features and web access are included! Choose from a variety of viewers including a user-friendly, feature rich internet viewer.