Our Projects


Almet partnered with ASCC to design and implement an entirely new server environment and infrastructure to support their move from a legacy business application to a new Windows-based environment.

  • We designed a complete server-based solution, including support for their existing file and print requirements, email, security, infrastructure, and for and their new enterprise MRP and accounting business software.
  • Almet has one IT resource supporting the entire system and over 100 user workstations.
  • ASCC continues to provide IT consulting, implementation services, asset management including licensing and annual support agreements, and on-going system upgrades and training.


ASCC provided IT consulting services, hardware, software research and recommendations, and on-going support for their faculty and staff.

  • Develop strategic plans for future growth and support daily system issues.
  • Install Windows-based server, which provides directory services, file and print functionality, and Domino email.
  • Support a Domino-based school-management system. This includes LINUX firewall, anti-virus, security tools, and a Cisco-based VoIP solution.
  • Provide daily end user and system support.


ASCC has worked with Pike for the past several years in a variety of environments.

  • Provided application and system support for original S/36 mid-range system.
  • Worked as consultant as they migrated to a new IBM I system to support new MRP software.
  • Support their Windows infrastructure which hosts email, CRM software, time and attendance reporting, and accounting software.


Funtastic Novelties, Inc. is a nationwide wholesale distributor of children's toys, novelties, prizes and glow products.

  • Design, implement, and support Microsoft small business server environment.
  • Design, implement, and support Quickbooks.
  • Ongoing support.


The Cooper Standard environment grew to include over 4000 international users, multiple domains, and a mixed environment of Exchange/Outlook and Domino/Notes.

  • Provided day-to-day administration of 21 Domino servers
  • Supporting the iSeries and Windows servers
  • Utilized the Cooper Help Desk system to process calls from the user community in the US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany and UK.
  • Set up server monitoring and probes.
  • Provided consultants on an as-needed basis to augment the Cooper IT staff.
  • Provide Oracle Database Administration, Microsoft Access application and database support, and iSeries System Administration support.
  • Problem determination and administration, log reviews, error detection and reporting, patch management, investigation, resolution and performance review, and optimization.
  • Design and execute tests for High Availability and Failover.


NISCO relied on resources from ASCC for Lotus Domino development and support.

  • Developed a system to view CAD images over the NISCO WAN.
  • Capture images in Domino database.
  • Configure interface between Domino and drawing viewing software..
  • Assist with upgrade to Domino v8.5
  • Work with NISCO IT staff to roll-out Notes Traveler to support Smartphones and Blackberry users.
  • Design new IBM mid-range server to replace an aged AS/400.
  • Evaluate performance statistics and recommend system with significantly improved performance that helped reduce maintenance costs, provided support for the current operating system, and decreased backup Windows timeline from overnight to 2 1/2 hours.


ASCC has spent considerable time over the last five years at K&K Insurance and its parent company, AON Corporation. Many of the development efforts were directed towards their custom Policy Management System, written in COBOL.

  • Implement a system to import snowmobile policies into an existing policy system.
  • Design and implement a system for generating triangles reports.
  • Design a system for requesting various reports for Australian and London users.
  • Work with a team of developers converting London policy system from an AS/400-based system to an Oracle/Windows-based system.
  • Designed a C# application using .NET which imports dBase and XML claims data into an Oracle database.
  • Work with various carrier partners to resolve compliance issues.


  • Provided iSeries programming resources to augment existing Exelis staff.
  • Administer program fixes, enhancements, and support.
  • Provide resources for contracted project work, contract-to-hire, and direct hire requirements.


Valbruna Stainless Steel, a leader in the steel industry and both supplier and producer of stainless steel and special metal alloys, is a privately owned company with over 1500 employees and a production of more than 170,000 tons of special high-quality steels.

  • Design and implement a new IBM Power server to upgrade existing production environment running CIM, a proprietary ERP system.
  • Install High Availability component using MIMIX product from Vision Solutions.
  • Work with Valbruna to design a Windows-based failover server solution including multiple Dell servers, shared storage, VM Ware virtualization, switches, rack, and UPS.

LJ Andorfer & Associates

LJ Andorfer is a small accounting firm with ten users and a single file server.

  • Complete upgrade from Microsoft small business server 2000 to 2003.
  • Implement Cisco PIX firewall, new backup, new AntiVirus/AntiSpam, and remote-access solutions.